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How to buy from me. Payment & shipping information

Payment & Shipping Information

NEW FOR 2014...

Should you see a guitar you like, you can simply & easily pay using Paypal. Just use the Paypal "buy now" button & select the appropriate amount depending on where you are 
Occasionally, when people live in remote areas of the EU, the courier cost can be considerably more than the figure I have given. If this proves to be the case I will email you regarding this with the extra cost as a Paypal invoice. If you then decide not to buy, I will refund your Paypal payment immediately.

If you decide you wish to buy without Paypal, you can email me at this email address

and payment can be arranged either by bank transfer or by cheque. Most of my customers use a direct bank transfer which is quick & easy. I am happy to send my details to you and once payment has been received, I will ship by insured courier (Usually UPS or DHL) the next working day 

Lastly, some of my customers like to visit & collect their guitars. This is most welcome & payment by either of the above methods or by cash is very acceptable. 
Important note 
Paypal is expensive for me & if you choose not to use it, I will always happily include a set or two of strings to say "thank you"

Shipping costs

Mainland UK Uninsured Courier £13 (only suitable for budget guitars & guitar bodies)
Guitars up  to to £250 - Mainland UK Insured  £18
Guitars up to £500 - Mainland UK Insured £24
Guitars up to £750 - Mainland UK Insured £30
Guitars up to £1000 - Mainland UK Insured £36

For Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands (Inc Isle of Wight) please ask for a quote, as it's usually a little more but I will always keep the cost as low as I can

Euro Zone Insured courier 

Usually the cost for a £300 guitar is around £35 insured but please check with me first as some countries (Romania, Greece, remote areas of Spain etc) can be more expensive

Worldwide Shipping

Occasionally I am asked about shipping to the USA Australia etc. Yes, I can do this but once again, please email me so I can get a quote & costs to these countries are typically around £100 which won't include your import duties.

Lastly, thank you for choosing to visit Whitstableguitars & deciding to buy from me. I will always do everything I can to ensure a smooth transaction. Please have a look at my guestbook which is unedited and contains comments from my many hundreds of customers

Rob Hayes


Packing & Couriers - A Horror Story !

Below are a series of photos of a (once) beautiful Washburn Hawk I bought from a supposedly "reputable" German Ebayer.

The Washburn "Wing Series" were good quality Matsomuko made guitars from the 1980's. Set neck, twin Dimarzios, brass nut & saddles etc. I have been after a nice on for ages...

Firstly note..This was in a case. However, there was no padding whatsoever & the box had no "FRAGILE" marking. The strings had been left taut too

At first I just thought the pickup surround had been broken. Annoying but not terminal (this has also happened before)

And then I turned it over !!!

No padding & no support under the neck together with the strings not slackened resulted in this

Did you know ? The the tension from six average steel strings on a guitar neck is 49.96kg !!

That is why you should slacken before packing. All the technical stuff is here


The moral to this story is to always slacken off the strings. Pack well & mark up the box properly & never, ever trust courier firms to look after your guitar !!