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Teisco K-56 Sharkfin Metallic Black 1999



Well, if you're looking for something different, this could be it!

Teisco guitars were first introduced in the mid 60's in Japan. They made various styles, probably the best known in the UK were the "Top Twenty" & "Audition" brands that were sold in Woolworths. They also made the K56 Sharkfin model. They have become quite collectible now but in truth, they weren't the greatest with poor pickups, thick necks & open tuners. In the late 90's Japanese manufacturer of high end pianos and guitars "Kawai" made some reissues of which this is one. These guitars were built to a much higher standard with decent mini humbuckers, enclosed tuners & slim playable necks but still retaining the original quirky features like the bevelled edges, pointy horns known as "Sharkfin" and a super cool Aluminium striped pickguard.

This particular guitar is in very good overall original condition. Everything working as it should and it's very playable with a nice slim neck & low action. It has the Gibson scale length of 24.75" (628mm) which is better for bending. I was really impressed by how well it played. 

There are are few scratches and small scuffs but the frets are in excellent shape and the neck is nice & straight. I really like it

Model: Teisco K-56

Made: Japan, 1999 (Serial No. 9911090)

Finish: Black Metallic

Body: Luan (Asian Mahogany, unverified)

Neck: 3-piece Maple with Rosewood fretboard 

Scale Length: 24.75" scale

Fretboard Radius: 12" (305mm)

Frets: 22

Enclosed small button chrome tuners

Weight: 3.25kg

Electrics: 3 x Mini humbuckers

Switching: 3 x on/off slide switches

Master Volume & Master Tone

Vintage tremolo system

1 ply aluminium pickguard

Hard Case: Thomann Black Plain (Can be upgraded)

As stated many times, due to courier damage, all my guitars are shipped in hard cases (usually new) this one being a plain black one. I do have a tweed option and these are a little dearer (Extra £12). If you prefer that, please email me for details. If you are collecting, I'm happy to knock off the price of the case (About £30) & I may even have an old gig bag you can have to take it away in

So to sum up, an excellent guitar from Teisco/Kawai Japan. This model is impossible to find here in the UK unless you import it. Why not play something that's just a little bit different? 

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